Mueller Electric was founded in 1908 in the United States by Ralph S. Mueller, an American electrical engineer who later invented the alligator clip. The company grew rapidly as the need grew for alligator clips that could be used for a variety of purposes. Originally developed to make electrical connections, alligator clips are also used to test electrical current, make circuits, link two parts together, or hold objects in place.

As the inventor of the alligator clip, the company is responsible for the creation and development of some of the best-known metal clips and clamps in use today, including charging clips for car battery cables and grounding cables for liquid storage and electrostatic paint lines. Clips are used in a wide range of test and measurement applications and Mueller now offers the world’s largest range of alligator clips for industrial applications.

Over the years, Mueller Electric’s product portfolio has expanded and the company is now also a leading manufacturer and supplier of electrical connectors, wires and cables, cable lugs, test leads, patch cords, temporary protective grounding and cable assemblies for factory automation.

Mueller Electric’s product range (the world’s largest selection of alligator clips) is immediately available from Bürklin Elektronik.

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