After a few years of rethinking the way they work together, European Springs & Pressings have been reaping the rewards collaboration with its sister companies. Making their mutual platform of products and services more accessible has enabled them to deliver a wider range of manufacturing capability and products to their customers than ever before.

Working more closely with UK manufacturing partners Metrol Springs and Lesjöfors Heavy Springs UK has brought significant benefits for the respective companies, as well as allowing the group to offer an unrivalled portfolio of springs, stampings and industrial hardware.

Shared attendance at exhibitions, pooling experience at cross-company strategy meetings and developing a mutual knowledge of each other’s products and specialisms has broadened the shared capability they can offer and increased the company’s sales reach considerably.

This support brings tangible benefits to clients as well. European Springs’ commitment to providing the coiling and pressing expertise customer’s need to find custom-made solutions for their manufacturing processes remains unchanged, with the added assurance that when they claim to have the required capability in the UK to design and produce the optimal component at the most competitive price, they make good on that promise.

This culture of collaboration has been fostered by their parent company, Lesjöfors Springs & Pressings. Although not a household name in the UK, since its conception 150 years ago Lesjöfors has patiently and practically built from its manufacturing base by acquiring a broad network of companies with specialist capabilities and strengths.

Lesjöfors is now the biggest spring manufacturer in the Nordic region, the third largest in Europe, and has a strong and growing presence in the US and Asia.

Lesjöfors’ culture of supporting innovation, and developing capability is why European Springs & Pressings Ltd. joined the group in 2007.

Their dedication to investment, both in people and technology, mirrors ESP’s, and has allowed them to develop as a business, as well as recruit and retain the talent, and acquire the machinery required to continually provide the high quality manufacturing that client’s demand.

The culture of collaboration developed within European Springs’ UK manufacturing family, alongside the market-leading portfolio of products and services across the Lesjöfors group, means that customers can continue to rely on

teamwork concept

the ESP promise – to provide innovative design solutions, reliable service and custom-made, quality components.