Craft Data’s large range of Bar, Stretch or Cutdown TFT LCD displays now present OEM product designers with the real opportunity to find and fit a high resolution, colourful and vibrant display into even the most awkward of spaces.  In the past compromises had to be made on the display technology purely because standard 4:3 aspect ratio displays just wouldn’t fit into the available space.  Colour had to swapped for monochrome as well as graphics to alphanumeric as these were the only displays that would fit, but now with our versatile range of colour stretch displays an ideal solution for your project can now be found.

As well as fitting into awkward spaces, another key feature is the high resolution, because these displays are cut from a larger high resolution 4:3, 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio TFT panel we can use the full width of pixels from the larger panel to create a high-resolution narrow display.  For example, our 10.1” IPS TFT display has a resolution of 440(RGB)x1920 pixels within an active area of 57.948(H) x 252.864(V)mm, which we believe allows for the creation of intricate graphics and icons.

The range mainly consists of IPS wide view panels which provide minimum viewing angles of 80°/80°/80°/80°, plus with their “All View” (no factory set viewing direction) viewing direction the displays can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations without the loss of image quality. Other features include high contrast ratios, 16.7M colour palettes plus high brightness LED backlights, all contributing to an excellent optical performance. Some models also feature an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -30°C~85°C making them ideally suited for demanding industrial and auto/aero applications. Touch also features heavily within the range with most models available with a multi-point Projected Capacitive touch option.

The smallest module currently available is a 0.96” diagonal, 1:2 aspect ratio, 80(RGB)x160 resolution display with an active area of 10.08(H) x 21.07(V)mm and the largest, a huge 86.0” diagonal, 58:9 aspect ratio, 3840(RGB)x600 resolution display with active area of 2148.48(H) x 335.7(V)mm, but there are many more models and sizes available between these two ends of the spectrum.

Because many of the displays within our stretch range, by their design are unique and are not what is known in the industry as an “industry standard” size, design engineers could be understandably nervous about designing in their perfect fit display. Potentially, high minimum order quantities or no second source back up model can be a cause for concern; however, our stretch display partners realize that to grow this area of their business they need to offer the same guarantees as their industry standard displays. This is why there are no large minimum order quantities and assurances that if you have a requirement, they will continue to produce it, No MOQ & No EOL. We are however not naïve; situations can arise that are beyond anyone’s control that could necessitate a re-design. To cover this scenario our display partners have plans in place to help protect our customer’s projects, by placing in-stock large volumes of key components the factory are able to offer a three-to-five-year buffer so customers will have enough time to make the necessary changes to their design to incorporate an alternative display.

So, if you require a display in your next project but have limited or an awkward space, before you consider an expensive custom design, come talk to us, we may have the perfect off the shelf solution.



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