Seeley International has announced the appointment of Mr. Fabio Marioni as the new Sales Manager for United Kingdom and Ireland, in an important move to expand business in these two key countries.

Mr. Marioni will implement crucial aspects of the company’s growth strategy, including coordinating contractors’ network and promoting Seeley International’s premium quality evaporative cooling technologies.

Mr. Marioni comes to Seeley International with significant experience working in the HVAC industry, such as Epta Refrigeration, Galileo TP and Ziehl-Abegg.

In welcoming the appointment, General Manager Sales EMENA, Mr. Sam Peli, said the addition of Mr. Marioni to the team would drive sales growth and reinforce Seeley International reputation as an industry leader.

“Seeley International’s success is achieved through a combination of attracting and retaining only the very best people, and an unwavering commitment to developing innovative and high-quality products,” Mr. Peli said.

“As part of the role, Fabio will promote award-winning climate control solutions developed by Seeley International, as they will help the environment and achieve serious savings for users, because they cost less to run than other products on the market.”

“I am proud to be part of this market-leading & award-winning company. Seeley International offers an impeccable reputation for innovation, quality, reliability and safety, and I look forward to working with customers to showcase the unrivalled technology and energy efficiency benefits offered by Seeley International’s products.” Mr. Marioni said. “I am ready to play a role in taking the business to the next level in the UK and Ireland.”

Why choosing evaporative cooling for your industry?
Evaporative cooling is fast becoming the preferred option when cooling industrial and commercial spaces. Only using water and electricity to run, this solution is extremely cost-effective. Air conditioning is not such a viable option, because in warehouses and industrial plants the capital and running costs would be extremely prohibitive: for this reason, facilities managers are choosing evaporative cooling, which can cool at a fraction of the cost of refrigerated systems.

Easy to install and maintain, these coolers bring 100% fresh air from outside (they don’t recirculate indoor air). They are therefore perfect to enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and improve ventilation, positively impacting on workforce wellbeing and productivity. Illnesses such as heat stroke, asthma and other diseases connected to high temperatures are reduced.

Traditional air conditioning systems normally use chemical refrigerants to cool the air, whereas evaporative cooling only needs water and little electricity to run. Thus, every time a customer chooses to install evaporative coolers over a refrigerated system, the benefits for the environment are significant.