We Move Air! Micronel UK is showcasing the latest updated ranges of compact energy saving miniature DC Fans and blowers at Southern Manufacturing 2023 aimed at a wide variety of medical, industrial and process control, pressure, or suction/vacuum applications.

The latest Micronel product introductions are tailored to the ongoing engineering needs of the biggest challenges for 2023, the cost of energy combined with the wider climate emergency and supporting medical and industrial equipment applications.

For energy saving, Micronel industrial blowers can be considered as an energy and space saving alternatives to bulky and power-hungry side channel blowers and compressed air sources. The 24vdc highly efficient Brushless DC motors use a fraction of the power of larger side channel blowers which typically use over 2KW of energy and blowers have much lower running costs when compared to costly compressed air systems, one of the most expensive forms of energy in a plant. In most factory applications the Micronel U100 blowers will pay for themselves after only a few months of operation through reduced electricity and energy costs.

The new compact U100 dc blower range features a full aluminium IP67 housing, efficient brushless dc motor with integrated electronic driver, M16 connector and has G¾ inch pipe threads for 32mm hose connection. The housing complies with protection class IP67 with connected suction and discharge ports. A range of accessories including air knives, adaptors, filters, and cables are available. The U100H4 can generate over 180 mBar (18,000 pascals) of pressure and achieve free blowing air flow of 900 litres per minute (54 metres cubed per hour) all from a very compact small size package of 107mm x 107mm x 118mm. The built-in brushless dc driver circuit allows the blower to be very easy to use with plug n run capability. Additional electronic features include FG frequency (tacho) signal output, ON / OFF control by logic signal SP (set speed), Locked rotor protection (1min), ESD Protection 16 kV and NTC temperature sensor outputs from the motor.

A new product for 2023 will be Micronel’s new MSDM  Mini Smart Driver Module is designed to drive Micronel blowers without integrated driver electronics, as well as other brushless motors up to 10 A continuous current. This powerful, sensorless compact driver offers a wide supply voltage range from 12 to 24 VDC and is quick and easy to integrate thanks to its universal analog input. Alternatively, a PWM set speed input is available. In addition to the power control mode, a speed control is available that scales to 0-60k RPM. This allows to build simple pressure and flow control loops using an external PI controller. A tachometer signal is also provided, as well as a 5 VDC output for local power supply. The connection for motor and power supply is made via universal clamp terminals, for cable cross sections from AWG 24 to 14 (0.2 to 2 mm2).

Micronel high pressure medical blowers and turbine products are perfectly suited to a variety of critical medical and scientific equipment requiring precise air movement of some kind. Applications such as Breathing therapy, Ventilators, Respirators, Personal Protection, ICU Hospital beds, Air Purification, Disinfection, Air sampling, Laboratory, Diagnostic and Test all require some form of air movement with significant pressure or suction (vacuum) to force air through tubes or chambers or overcome system/ filter resistance.

Micronel have also launched a new website including a new product finder designed to give an overview of the product range and quickly find suitable products for applications and specifications. The new website also provides detailed product information, application examples and interesting facts about Micronel.

Micronel was founded 55 years ago in 1968. Micronel is the specialist in High Performance Blowers and Fans, their fan and blower products meet the needs of industries with special performance characteristics – Medical, Electronics Cooling, Personal Protection, Packaging, Gas Analysis, Laboratory, Transportation, Process Control and many more applications. Micronel offer customers the widest choice of standard ultra-slim fans, axial fans and high-performance high pressure radial blowers from UK stock and provide technical design support for modified products and client specific designs.

All the latest Micronel products will be on display including working demonstrations on STAND E145.