Leader in press fit connection systems

The SANHA group is one of the leading European manufacturers of press fit pipe systems for drinking water, gas, solar, heating, cooling and sanitary applications for use in domestic and industrial settings. We have approximately 10.000 items in our product ranges, covering most commonly used materials such as Copper, Copper Alloys, Stainless and Carbon steel, as well as our innovative Silicon Bronze-lead free fittings, for use in drinking water applications.

Our premium systems are installed throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and Australia, in domestic, industrial, commercial and even shipbuilding industries. With our large portfolio, manufactured from a wide range of materials, SANHA is recognized as a respected partner of distribution and installation companies alike. As a family owned and operated business, SANHA has over 50 years of experience, employs over 700 staff and turns over app. 120 million Euro.

Complete systems manufactured in our own factories

SANHA’s main focus is on system technology. We believe in supporting local markets with relevant certification. As an innovator in press technology, we have invested significantly in developing lead-free Silicon Bronze products, for safe drinking water applications. With our manufacturing depth throughout Europe, committed employees, and our drive for innovation, we have laid strong foundations for future success.

Our manufacturing plants specialize in tube and fitting production, with our stainless steel pipe plant in Berlin and stainless steel fitting plant near Dresden, along with our head office and central distribution in Essen, we are able to serve our customers well throughout Europe. With over seventy percent of our products being manufactured internally, we have a strong control over quality and our supply chain, ensuring the end product meets the stringent requirements of our customers.

Our customers are central to all our activities. As a family enterprise, SANHA highly values an active close and long-term relationship with all our partners, from designers, installers, contractors and trading companies. With over fifty years of service, we are committed to close support of our customers, with high experience as well as local and international technical service.

For all practical purposes

Installation systems from SANHA are designed with the practical engineer in mind. Our “combipress” function embodies this, saving not only time and money, but provides a maximum level of safety for a tight, state of the art connection.

We also offer on-site training programs and technical seminars. Our local Technical Sales Managers are experienced in training, and have the practical experience required, to deliver an interesting and informative session, wherever it may be.

SANHA is H2ready

We have been actively working on the development of suitable piping systems for hydrogen for years – with success, as the SANHA®-Press Gas series was already certified by the KIWA certification institute for the use of up to 100 % hydrogen in 2020. All the tests carried out were successful. This makes SANHA the first manufacturer of piping systems to have a hydrogen certificate. Since 2022, we also have the H2ready quality mark for up to 100% hydrogen from the DBI – Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH of the DVGW.

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