Mecmesin is a leading designer and manufacturer of force, materials and torque testing equipment for quality control testing of components, materials and products, and is widely regarded as a leader in force and torque technology.

Established in 1977, Mecmesin is a British company, which is part of the Physical Properties Testing Group (PPT), a multi-national holding company.

For over 40 years, Mecmesin has been supplying force, materials and torque test equipment to customers worldwide, reflecting our commitment to both customer satisfaction and user-focused product development.

The Mecmesin brand stands for excellent levels of performance and reliability, guaranteeing high level of results. Within production environments and R&D laboratories worldwide our customers use Mecmesin equipment to:

• Maintain consistency of manufacture

• Guarantee production quality

• Minimise costs, reduce waste and improve yields

• Optimise design

• Comply with relevant standards

Mecmesin serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, cosmetics, electrical & electronics, food & drink, health and safety, medical applications & devices, packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastics & rubber, sports equipment and textiles.

Our equipment is used for a wide variety of test applications including compression, flexure, peel, shear, tensile, torque and top-load testing.

Applications include:

• Adjustment torque of controls and rotary switches

• Characteristic torques of child-resistant and tamper-evident closures

• Connector insertion/withdrawal force

• Determining the actuation force/torque of levers, switches, solenoids etc.

• Measuring the tensile strength of adhesive bonds, fasteners and seams

• Peel adhesion strength of aluminum foil seals

• Pull-off characteristics of buttons, poppers and stitched on decorations

• Pull-off forces of crimped, welded or soldered electrical contacts

• Tactile feedback of buttons and keypads

• Tearing load of paper or perforated board

• Tension/tearing/friction properties of films and sheets

• Tensile testing of geotextiles and safety support netting

• Top-load resistance of PET bottles and bevcans

Headquartered in the United Kingdom, we also have a network of global sales and service offices, plus a network of over 50 distributors. This global sales network has extensive product and applications experience and knowledge and offers our customers a comprehensive technical support and after sales service wherever they are.

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