Bell Flow Systems are leading distributors of flow measurement products as well as industrial and environmental monitoring solutions. With over 20 years of experience serving fuel, oil, chemicals, water, energy and gas industries worldwide.

After Bell Flow’s establishment in 1997, we quickly expanded to include the distribution of major brands of fluid technology products including Macnaught, Fluidwell, Siemens, GPI, Zenner and others. We also launched our sister company Cortex Display Ltd, manufacture and sales of process instrumentation devices.

The business grew, and relocated to Buckingham. Expansion saw us become sole UK distribution partners of Badgmeter USA, Siargo, VuAqa, Gespasa, Axis, Heron, APG and others

Today, we proudly offer the widest and diverse range of flow measurement solutions available. Our range includes turbines, ultrasonic (transit time & Doppler), thermal mass, positive displacement (oval gear, piston, oscillating disc, bi-rotator & helical gear), paddle wheel, Open Channel, vortex, electromagnetic, Coriolis and variable area meters. Including an extensive selection of instruments and displays for an infinite possibility of applications.

In more recent times our portfolio has grown to include products dedicated to the environmental sector, used in Hydrology, Ecology and Renewability. We also offer a complete range of handling and management equipment for downstream oil & gas applications.

Our dedicated team of industry trained experts deliver a uniquely flexible approach to measurement and monitoring applications. With customers ranging from private individuals to multi-national companies, government defence contractors to the US Aerospace industry, farming and agricultural, to schools and universities. The future holds a continuation of our strategy to launch new and innovative products which exceed the expectations of an ever-changing global market for measurement and control.

We are Bell Flow Systems – contact us today to discuss your flow measurement needs.